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Nutritional Facts

Health Properties

The grapes used in the formation of balsamic vinegar contain antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and fight against cell damage, helping to prevent cancer and other infectious diseases and inflammation.

Research has shown that balsamic vinegar contains abundant polyphenols that inhibit LDL oxidation, which may inhibit atherosclerosis. The vinegar also helps boost the activity of the digestive enzyme pepsin, which breaks down proteins that are consumed, to help improve digestion and speed up your metabolism.

Nutritional Values Per Serving (Highlights)

(See detailed Istituto di recerche Agrindustria srl Report – Top Left)

Serving Size, 15 ML

Kilo Calories 17.0 17.0
Sodium, g .001
Carbohydrate, g 3.51
Sugar, g 3.51
Protein, g .09
Organic Acids, g .91