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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PDO)

Molise, sits at a culinary crossroads, influenced by Campania to the south and Abruzzo to the north. The main growing region, inland from the Adriatic Sea, boasts high plateaus and rich, verdant farmland, where some of the best olive oil has been produced and perfected since Roman times. Praised by Eighteenth century scholar Giovani Presta, an expert on olive growing and oil production who wrote that the Molise region’s olive oil was “reserved for the most delicate, fastidious & richest palates”.

Superior Health Benefits

Louianna’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains:

  • Vitamin E – 30% of your Required Daily Amount in 1 TBSP
  • Polyphenols – .75 mg in 1 TBSP
  • Low Acidity – 0.3%

Louianna’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil complements its rich heritage with its light and herbal flavor, with sweet and bitter notes in the middle and a spicy, peppery finish. It is flavorful yet does not overwhelm the ingredients it is used with – perfect for fusilli alla molisana (fusilli with prosciutto and ricotta), grilled vegetables, sea bass and meat dishes such as lamb with olives.

Drizzle it, toss it, coat it, blend it, or simply spoon it over your favorite greens…it’s just that good!

Louianna’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be found on the pantry shelves of Food Network Canada’s Top Chef Canada where Top Chefs demand the best.