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Brand Quality

“Be it a simple dinner for two or large family gathering, using high quality, fine ingredients such as Louianna Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, will elevate the flavor and experience every time”.
Mark McEwan, Celebrity Chef, Restauranteur (One Restaurant, North 44, Bymark, Fabbrica), Head Judge on Top Chef Canada
“For each challenge, we were fortunate to cook with quality ingredients such as Louianna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. I love the flavour of the Louianna products – and as a chef delighted they are authentic. Certainly must-have pantry items for any chef or home cook”.Matthew Stowe, #1 Winner of Top Chef Canada Season Three, Product Development Chef, Cactus Restaurants Ltd.
In Canada, Louianna Certified Organic PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Certified PGI Balsamic Vinegar are used on the Top Chef Canada television show on the Food Network, now entering its 4th season, “ due to its fine preservation process, distinct flavor, heritage, and dedication to quality” as quoted by Marc McEwan, Celebrity Chef, Restauranteur (One Restaurant, North 44, Bymark, Fabbrica), Head Judge onTop Chef Canada.
Not only are the Louianna products on prominent display during the show, included as an essential staple in the chef’s food preparation, they are also endorsed and used by Top Chefs in their own restaurants and gourmet stores.
Louianna Certified Organic Products are promoted at various events and organic food shows across Canada, from the grass roots “Feast of Fields” annual tasting experience, to organic food provider to the stars at the Toronto Film Festival.
“Louianna was proudly selected by the Italian Culinary Institute as the finest olive oil to represent the Molise region, and one of thefew to be chosen for our Italian Olive Oil Club”.
Paolo Villoresi, Italian Culinary Institute, New York, NY
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