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Tomato Puree



Louianna’s estate grown organic tomatoes are sun-ripened and cultivated 400 metres above sea level, near the Adriatic Sea, in Molise, Italy. The handpicked indigenous varieties include Rio Fuego and Rio Grande, boasting intense flavor and aroma.

Dare to Compare

Compare the tomato purée brand you currently use to Louianna’s Organic purées Tomato. We did.

*On June 23, 2014 we compared Louianna’s Organic Puréed Tomato with two of the leading brands available in Canada.

Brand Size Certified by Canada Organic Ingredients Type of tomatoes Harvest Vitamin C Solids & Liquid yield when left to drain through a sieve Retail Price per bottle Comparable Solids Price
Private Label Organic Passata: Strained Tomatoes with Basil  680 ml  √ tomatoes, basil & sea salt n/a – origin Italy  n/a  15%  Solids = 240 ml         Liquid = 440 ml 2.59 6.15
Paese Mio Organic Tomato Puree with Basil  720 ml  √ tomatoes, basil & sea salt n/a – origin Italy  n/a  6% Solids = 270 ml          Liquid = 450 ml  2.99  6.31
Louianna Organic Puréed Tomatoes  720 ml  √ tomatoes & sea salt Indigenous varieties in Molise, Italy, including Rio Fuego & Rio Grande Sun-ripened & Handpicked 50% Solids = 570 ml          Liquid = 150 ml  5.99 5.99


The result:

Now for the real test…your senses! (Dominic to provide product comparison pictures)

Visually: Louianna’s Organic Puréed Tomato is bright red with a thick rich texture vs leading brands that are a darker red and watery. The difference is how the tomatoes are harvested. Louianna’s Organic Puréed Tomatoes are sunripened and hand-picked which means they are ripe and fresh with maximum Vitamin C content vs competitors who mechanically pick the tomatoes when some are ripe and others are green resulting in lower Vitamin C.

Taste: Louianna’s Organic Puréed Tomato is an explosion of tomato flavor vs leading brands that taste bland in comparison.

Do your own test. You’ll be glad you did.

Louianna Organic Puréed Tomato is simply the best!