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Louianna OliveMed

Louianna Olivemed

Our liquid gold as a luxurious skin care product, made with 100% certified organic ingredients for natural addition to your skin care regime


  • Certified organic by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society).
  • Licensed by Health Canada (NPN 80047938).
  • Gentle on sensitive, delicate skin.
  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Increasing the elasticity of skin.
  • Can also be used for:  Dry scalp, Eczema, Diaper rash, Ear aches And more!


  • Louianna Olive Med is derived from rare indigenous organic Italian olives, containing a high amount of Linoleic acid – making our product an efficient moisturizer for treatment of dry skin inflammation.
  • Louianna Olive Med Contains: Vitamin E & K
  • DMAE (an organic anti-aging compound known to firm and tighten skin resulting in a youthful appearance)
  • Polyphenols