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Our Story

OUR STORY BEGINS in the mountainous fields of Southern Italy in the year 1927, when Luigi Spedaliere met Anna Paulozza during the olive harvest. The two teenagers lived in the picturesque town of Montorio nei Fretani, known for its sprawling olive groves. Over the years their love blossomed and in 1934 they were married. Soon after, war broke out in Europe and Luigi left to serve in the army. Concerned for his new bride’s well-being in his absence, Luigi purchased several pieces of land for olive farming as a source of income.

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Immigrating to Canada

The Early Years

Anna grew up tending olive trees so she knew exactly how to manage the property to sustain herself until Luigi returned. Fortunately, Luigi returned from the war several years later to his beloved Anna and found that she had managed very nicely. Their olive groves never looked better. They immediately started a family and went on to have five beautiful children! But times were tough in Southern Italy after the war, with little opportunity. So Luigi and Anna decided to emigrate to Canada in the hopes of a better life for their growing family. Leaving the beauty and tranquility of their surroundings in Montorio was very difficult. Bordering on the Adriatic Sea, the mountainous regions rich and fertile lands produce the most flavorful vegetables, mozzarella and, of course, olive oil.

In Canada, the Spedaliere family grew and prospered. Their son Vincent married and started a family of his own, two boys and a girl. The two boys were fascinated by their grandparents’ tales of the old country. As young adults, their curiosity about their roots piqued so they decided to go to their grandparents’ home in Italy hoping to revive the story of their heritage.

The brothers go into business

Our Company is born

Louie and Dominic were thrilled to discover that their grandparents olive groves were alive and well, having been well maintained over the years by local family members. “We’re going into the olive oil business” the brothers exclaimed, and immediately took action. Their mother suggested that they name the olive oil “Louianna” as a tribute to their grandparents, Louie and Anna. Dominic remained to buy up additional olive grove properties.

Louie and Dominic were determined to produce one of the finest organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world. And after three years of hard work Louianna Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born. In addition to achieving organic product certification, subsequent rigorous inspection resulted in the prestigious DOP (Denominazone d’Origine Protetta or PDO – Protected Designation of Origin) certification from the European Union.

Today, Louianna’s PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used by world renowned Chefs, and on The Food Network Canada’s hit TV series Top Chef Canada. More importantly, families across North America enjoy the quality and flavor of Louianna’s very special Extra Virgin Olive Oil right at home.

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